Adopt A School

Through Adopt A School we serve the needs of the public schools in our communities focussing on the following pillars.  

Academic Support:

Overcrowding, under-funding and a lack of resources are issues faced by many schools, which affects the quality of education received by their learners. A way to tackle this is by supplying academic support to learners.

One of the ways we do this is through our Saturday Tutoring Program and After School Tutoring Program. These sessions provide a personal setting which allows them to build solid foundations in the basics of literacy and mathematics.

Career Guidance:

A lack of knowledge of life’s possibilities after high school limits the choices available to learners from disadvantaged areas. Supplying information about different tertiary institutions, qualifications, job opportunities and guiding learners on what subjects and academic requirements would be needed will help learners make informed choices about a career path.   Currently this is done through a Career Day where we invite professionals to come and share their experience in how they came to working in their field. At our Career Days we also offer printed information on bursaries and scholarships that learners can apply to get cash money to do their degree. We also host a Saturday workshop were we assist Grade 12 learners with their university applications by providing access to computers and internet as well as volunteers who help them through the process.  And some cash to pay the application fee.

Facilities Improvements:

Many of our schools have very real physical needs such as building improvements, landscaping, sports equipment, books, desks, stationery and so on. For example, 20% of schools still do not have adequate toilet facilities and 90% of schools don’t have libraries.  Better school facilities and resources create a more enjoyable environment for holistic learning.

Our latest project was providing seating for a school for their learners during break. Prior to this, the only places for learners to sit was in the classrooms or on the gravel outside. Seeing the need for better seating, we provided picnic benches for the learners to use during break.  


It is crucial for a learner to have a correct vision for their life and potential as well as the ability to navigate their circumstances in order to be successful in their lives. Through mentorship, we empower young people with the resilience to dream; the persistence to pursue their dreams; and the skills to make good decisions. With the right mindset, focused determination, and community support, learners discover that dreams are achievable and failures are surmountable. Mentorship is carried through all interactions with youth in each of our programs.

Hope House

Hope House’s vision is to see a South African society where every young person has an  opportunity to have a safe home environment, a family or network of relationships where they are accepted, loved and equipped for life, and the opportunity to receive a quality education and the skills needed to be employed and generate income to support their families and create jobs for the next generation.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for the majority of young South Africans.  Many are plagued with violence in the home, alcoholism, pressure from gangs, lack of access to education, and an absence of a stable family environment where they can grow and develop to their fullest potential.  

Hope House aims to create a different reality for many young men.  Free from gangs, drugs and crime, these young men will become men of character, example, and service in their communities, who will seek to give and not take as they go on to realise a better future, contribute to society through the various educational opportunities given to them, and give back through service.  We see them becoming young men who take a stand against injustice, fight for the rights of the downtrodden, and passionately guard and protect their sisters, mothers, and daughters from gender-based violence.  This needs the investment of those who see the potential of this vision and are willing to invest in the young men of the future, by giving to make this vision a reality.

We will achieve this by creating a safe and secure home environment, regular mentorship, supplementary Life Skills programs, education and career development, and other enrichment activities.  These foundations will ensure that our residents build interdependent lives and are successful contributors in their workplaces, homes, families and communities.

We are currently searching for a suitable home for Hope House as we put together the resources & materials needed.

Buntu Majalaza Scholarship

The Buntu Majalaza Scholarship is a project that is aimed at funding learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds through High School. The aim is to provide a holistic, well-rounded education offering the opportunity for learners to experience a safe and secure environment in which they can participate in a school which exposes them to academic development, a variety of sports, cultural expression and community service.

It was named in honor of Buntu Majalaza who was the first in his family to complete High School and University.  Buntu tragically passed away in 2008, but even in the short time that he was on earth, he left a lasting legacy with every person with whom he came into contact. He was a hard working person of character, resilience, and carried an attitude of service into every pursuit.

We currently offer funding for tuition and boarding for boys to attend South African College Schools (SACS), from Grade 8 to Grade 12.  We provide mentorship, tutoring & academic support, pocket money and other outings to ensure that the recipient’s needs are met and broaden their life experiences.