Adopt A School

Through Adopt A School we serve the needs of the public schools in our communities focussing on the following pillars.  

Academic Support:

Overcrowding, under-funding and a lack of resources are issues faced by many schools, which affects the quality of education received by their learners. A way to tackle this is by supplying academic support to learners.

One of the ways we do this is through our Saturday Tutoring Program and After School Tutoring Program. These sessions provide a personal setting which allows them to build solid foundations in the basics of literacy and mathematics.

Career Guidance:

A lack of knowledge of life’s possibilities after high school limits the choices available to learners from disadvantaged areas. Supplying information about different tertiary institutions, qualifications, job opportunities and guiding learners on what subjects and academic requirements would be needed will help learners make informed choices about a career path.   Currently this is done through a Career Day where we invite professionals to come and share their experience in how they came to working in their field. At our Career Days we also offer printed information on bursaries and scholarships that learners can apply to get cash money to do their degree. We also host a Saturday workshop were we assist Grade 12 learners with their university applications by providing access to computers and internet as well as volunteers who help them through the process.  And some cash to pay the application fee.

Facilities Improvements:

Many of our schools have very real physical needs such as building improvements, landscaping, sports equipment, books, desks, stationery and so on. For example, 20% of schools still do not have adequate toilet facilities and 90% of schools don’t have libraries.  Better school facilities and resources create a more enjoyable environment for holistic learning.

Our latest project was providing seating for a school for their learners during break. Prior to this, the only places for learners to sit was in the classrooms or on the gravel outside. Seeing the need for better seating, we provided picnic benches for the learners to use during break.  


It is crucial for a learner to have a correct vision for their life and potential as well as the ability to navigate their circumstances in order to be successful in their lives. Through mentorship, we empower young people with the resilience to dream; the persistence to pursue their dreams; and the skills to make good decisions. With the right mindset, focused determination, and community support, learners discover that dreams are achievable and failures are surmountable. Mentorship is carried through all interactions with youth in each of our programs.