Adopt A School

The heart of Adopt A School is to serve the needs of the public schools in our communities, which are severely impeded by overcrowding, insufficient income, and limited access to critical resources.


We aim to find practical ways to meet the needs of these schools through the following initiatives:


The aim of the Tutoring Project is to provide learners with extra lessons in a smaller more personal setting which allows them to build solid foundations in the basics of literacy and mathematics.

Career Days

The aim of the Career Day is to help expose learners to the job opportunities available and the educational goals they need in order to pursue those opportunities. The further aim is to pair learners with appropriate funding mechanisms for those desired career routes to give them the maximum opportunity for success.

School Improvement Projects

The majority of schools in South Africa don’t have adequate resources for learners—for example, 90% of our schools don’t have libraries.  Adopt A School takes on projects that aim to meet the practical and physical needs of the schools like building improvements, landscaping, providing sporting equipment, books, desks, stationary and so much more.