The mission of YIT is to see generations of young people who have the resources they need to succeed in their education, and go on to realize a better future and bring lasting transformation to Africa and beyond.
Our current reality paints a very gloomy picture of the state of education in South Africa.

Of learners who completed grade 9 only 14% are appropriately literate.

Only 35% of learners who begin grade 1 are completing Grade 12.

In a sample of 253 teachers the average mark achieved after writing the Matric math paper was 57%. A quarter of those got a mark lower than 39 percent.

The result of a struggling education system has very real socio-economic affects on South African society as a whole. The below statistics illustrate this:

The unemployment rate in South Africa is 28%

More than 50% of South Africans between the age of 16 and 24 are unemployed. This is the third highest in the world.

South Africa has the most unequal income distribution in the world at 64% inequality. (0% is perfect equality and 100% perfect inequality).

53.8% of the nation survives on less that R779 ($80 USD) per month.

It is our primary goal to address these many challenging issues through education-based initiatives. As we equip and educate our youth we believe they will be able to overcome the challenges they currently face.